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Hey is there anyone who can give a little insight on FDA. I am planning to do my masters in sept 2014 and I want to know how are the job options for passouts, how much they make and how is the life there for indians. I am really in need for some help regarding the admission process as well. Thanks in advance to all those who will take trouble answering my questions. From what I can tell… Interior designers are a glut on the market. Are you creative? Do you have good taste? How well do you draw so you can illustrate your design ideas? Do you have your portfolio prepared for your application for admission? And no, you will not work in Italy, or anywhere in EU or elsewhere in Europe as an interior decorator. Not qualified for any employment visa, and nowhere near enough jobs for citizens. In fact, practically all end up self-employed, which means there is nobody to apply for your visa. You will go home, so what's the market for interior decorators in your country? Of course, at least in your country of citizenship, you can invest the money required to start your own business without any visa required.

BoConceptHQHowtoBoConcept Interior Decoration Service2011-10-21T06:37:22. 000Z2014-01-19T15:39:06. 000ZInterior Decoration Sobha Althea Yelahanka BangaloreThis is a project we have taken up in Sobha Althea and this apartment happens to be on the ground floor with private garden. The project type is a full house. . .

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Hi- We bought a new house and we are currently decorating. I have a long, quite bright and airy kitchen. It has a pine floor and pine cabinets with black surfaces and off white small tiles. This would not have been a look I would have chosen, but we can't afford to re-do the kitchen, so we have to make it work. We have quite a lot of Black kitchenware, which obv goes with the surfaces, but I was wondering if anyone has any ideas what colour to paint the kitchen to make it tie in more? Other than white, I'm not sure which colour to paint the largest wall. Several thanks. Essentially — Congrats on the house. The nice thing is that from your description, the kitchen sounds like it has all neutral colors. That means you can probably bring in any color you want. I think a nice light green or blue would look nice with the pine colors, but really you could do anything. What is your favorite color? Do you have any accent pieces you'd often pick up on, like vases, china, rugs etc? You can use those for inspiration.

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Ive finally decided that I want to go back to school after having my now 2 year old baby. I want to study interior design but im not sure if it exactly promising I dont want to waste my time. Any help. Well, I have your answer right here. Interior design can be fun & of course stressful but not always promising. Its kind of a make or break thing. You have to start from scratch & build up a portfolio. The biggest thing is you may be the cheapest but don't have a portfolio & good reviews the person in need of the interior work will call on Suzy over here who charges $100 more but had excellent reviews & good portfolio of work. Honestly nothing is promising in the job field today. Just last week my good friends husband's company of 22 years up & shut down. My cousin went to college for 6 years trying to make it big in the music industry worked for this awesome company for a while. Made it to the top & then they laid her off. Interior design is what I want to do but nothing is promising, Schooling is expensive. . You have to ask your self is it worth it? You can make good money from interior design, the thing is in this economy people aren't spending the money hiring home cleaners, interior designers & just eating out in general. I wish you the best of luck though & God bless you.

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I just started landscaping design for my first client. I live in Silicon Valley, CA. I charge $35 per hour to my client. My friend who is a also landscaping designer, charges $85-120 per hour after 1 year experience. I am wondering how much would you pay for your garden design? I know it depends on how much you make money and how big your garden is. Please advise. Essentially — landscape is a hard job so you can call around and see what everyone else is charging. Dont feel bad for asking for what you are worth. Landscaping is a hard job and so are some of the customers. You will find out that some want to have things changed in the middle of a project that should be extra for all the extra time and additional plants or if you have to cancel an order. Best of luck. Good studing

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I wan to renovate my old MUd House at Kashmir, requires Landscape Designs with Home plan to siut the Place like Kashmir, I have 1 & Half acre of orchard land around my House. Basically… 5 Landscaping Lessons A deck need not compete with your garden for attentionm, use these landscaping ideas to blend a deck and a garden into your landscape. 12 Money-Saving Landscaping Tips Keeping costs down may be the toughest challenge when designing a landscape. Use our price guide when considering your landscaping ideas. Assess Your Landscaping Needs Use this information to assess your family's landscaping needs before you start your landscaping plans. Design Your Landscape The initial design stage is the most important, creative, exciting, and forgiving of all the landscaping steps. Make it the most fun as well. Schedule Your Landscape Work Some guidelines to help you start getting your hands dirty with your landscaping ideas. Outdoor Security How fences, plants, lighting, and maintenance strategies affect your home's defense system and how they mix with your landscaping plans. Ponds & Water Gardens Use water to add sound, sparkle, and movement to your landscaping ideas. Home Landscaping 101 Here's how to get begin planning a practical home landscape that will grow more beautiful over time. 3-Year Landscape Plan This year-by-year approach to landscaping your backyard will stretch your budget and save your back. Or log on to :-www. Homeandfamilynetwork. Com/gardening/landscaping. Html –

This video may depict fixtures, finishes and features not supplied by Metricon these things include landscaping – including planter boxes, retaining walls, wa. . .

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So I taking a trip to Olive Garden later tonight with any friends, and was wondering what the healthiest meat dish was? I cannot eat red meat, fyi. *I'm, not "I". From what I can tell… Olive Garden "Venetian Apricot Chicken"* 448 calories Olive Garden Pasta Fagioli* 130 calories Olive Garden Venetian Apricot Chicken – lunch* 280 calories Minestrone Soup 164 calories Olive Garden, Capellini Pomodoro (lunch portion) 480 calories Olive Garden Herb Grilled Salmon* 671 calories Linguine alla Marinara 430 calories Olive Garden, Garden Salad w/Vinegar & Olive Oil* 93 calories Olive Garden Apricot Chicken* 280 calories Olive Garden Mixed Grill* 420 calories Olive Garden, Cheese Ravioli with Meat Sauce (Dinner Entree) 790 calories Olive Garden, Grilled Chicken Spiedini* 258 calories Lasagne – Olive Garden* 858 calories

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