Hiya. I need some help and opinions in what colors to paint my wall and if my furniture would go along with it. I am 17 and we are moving into our new place, and my dad asked about what colors I want my walls to be but im stuck:| I was thinking to keep all my walls plain white or a creamy white and have one feature wall, which would be red. But I have a dark brown bed, with dark brown side tables. My room is fairly big and has an attachted bathroom with heaps of closet space so I dont need any cabinets in my actual room. I got a little carried away haha with this but I did make a little birds eye view of my room. And I want anyone who can to help me make this look a bit edgy and I do have space and I would not mind getting bean bags or a couch just when it looks good. Or even a big rug. Any help would be very much appreciated:D thankyouu. This is the birds eye view of my room I made tried my best to add the little details. If you have anymore questions please do ask What I found out was – Interior decorating colors aren't just for decorators. Paint is the great decorating equalizer. A gallon of ugly paint costs just as much as a gallon of pretty paint. You may not be able to afford the same furniture, floor plan, ceiling height and space that is found in home decor magazines and model homes. You can get the exact same color palette in an apartment or condo or on a small budget. Whether you are looking into online interior design as a budding professional or just someone who wants their home to look better you can transform your space with colors for interior decorating.

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