I have a site of land which I have just been told I can build on. Before I go to see an architect to draw up plans etc I want to bring some pictures and ideas of what I’d like (something rural -uk) home design magazines are really expensive so I wondered if there are any good websites with home design images? I only ever seem to find interior ideas. Thanks. Today I found out that… When Husband and I were building our home, we’d drive around and look at houses. If something caught our eye, we’d slow down to take a better look. If the Owner or someone was around we’d ask if we could take a picture. Everyone was very happy to oblige. They would even go out of their way to talk about design flaws and why this brick is better then that, and what Contractor they used, and all that other stuff that goes with building a house. We got all kinds of information and insight. Don’t get your information off of a web site. Go talk to people who have built a home.

Interior Home Design Ideas – Here’s 50 Interior Home Design Ideas. Find home design ideas to bring patterns, prints, colors, textu. . .

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  1. How are you prioritizing your budget? This project will cost you a couple of hundred thousand dollars and you think home design magazines are expensive? Spending a little money in the front end will save you a lot money down the line. For one thing, you need to learn how to have a general concept of plans and elevations. I have had many clients come up to me telling me they didn’t know what they were looking at when the designer/architect presents them drawings for approval. After they pour the foundation, it gets real expensive to change things. Spend the money and time to go over magazines and books. Do not concentrate on what you like, also look for what you don’t like and why. if you’re not sure why you don’t like something, that’s okay, just make sure you bring it to the attention of the designer. Exercise restraint. You see so many bad examples of homes with details from different regions and time periods all put into one setting. Details are simply details, have an appreciation of proportions, because that is the bones of the house. All those McMansions you see in communities are simply bread boxes with “luxury” details plastered all over it, sorta like someone putting on two much make up.

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