. Well, I have your answer. Probably because they weren’t designed by humans in the first place, I have asked many people how they can seem to think that we could have cut and scored laser precision rocks like that and put them in a pyramid formation and have them last 6,000 years plus when we don’t have buildings that will last that long made out of steel. The only conclusion I can come up with is they were built by alien technology, not only that how could that same design be on two different continents, there have even been pyramids discovered in a lake in Wisconsin as well recently

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  1. we can duplicate it with new tech people are trying to figure out how they did it back then

  2. I think we can. But it would be very expensive and I don’t anybody would think it is worthwhile.

  3. Because we have no blueprints from the egyptians on them telling us how to do it. Many believe aliens assisted them in creating these pyraminds and hence why we haven’t been able to do it.

    Today, Im sure we can create massive pyramids with new technology, but there wuold be no purpose and the cost would be too high. However we would be using our technology, not what the egyptians used (whatever they used)

  4. Are you saying Taipei 101 does not surpass the technology of the pyramids? It’s 509 meters high! How tall were the pyramids? 140m ?

  5. we have built modern pyramids, in las vegas, in Paris and so on. . of course they are not made of old rocks in the middle of desert like the pyramids in Egypt’s or Mexico.
    the real question is, how did the build it? we can’t duplicate their work without our modern technology, but we CAN build exactly the same pyramid with our modern cranes and so on. .
    We don’t know how they did it. .

  6. It can’t be duplicated because there is no record of how they were built. We can only postulate how they may have done it and come up with various methods to prove or disprove the feasibility of the theories.

  7. I am not sure that we can not; if a real engineering company with an unlimited budget, without any regard for safety (i. e. killing people who construct the building) were to be put in charge I am sure that we could.

    You have to remember these constructions were built in this manner – that just will not happen in todays world.

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