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Interior Home Design Ideas

I have a site of land which I have just been told I can build on. Before I go to see an architect to draw up plans etc I want to bring some pictures and ideas of what I’d like (something rural -uk) home design magazines are really expensive so I wondered if there are any good websites with home design images? I only ever seem to find interior ideas. Thanks. Today I found out that… When Husband and I were building our home, we’d drive around and look at houses. If something caught our eye, we’d slow down to take a better look. If the Owner or someone was around we’d ask if we could take a picture. Everyone was very happy to oblige. They would even go out of their way to talk about design flaws and why this brick is better then that, and what Contractor they used, and all that other stuff that goes with building a house. We got all kinds of information and insight. Don’t get your information off of a web site. Go talk to people who have built a home.

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Interior Design Ideas Bedroom

I am redooing my room and I need any help deciding on color schemes etc furniture etc. I am a 16 yr old girl does anybody know of websites which have nice stylish bedroom ideas? I like classy stuff, nothing tacky. Can anybody help? Thankyou . Essentially — If there are stores that you really like, say Crate and Barrel or West Elm or Pottery Barn, you can look on their web sites and click on products that you like and then click on the option for room views. This is a good way to get ideas and then bargain shop for the things you need to make your room happen. TJMaxx, Target, and other stores have a lot of nice, high-end looking accessories that are very similar to what you see at C&B, WE, or PB. Good luck and have FUN…

Home Garden

. Well, I have your answer right here. “Old men work in gardens to keep from going to seed” Now that I’ve introduced myself, lets get down to defining your answer. You will probably get as many and as varied answers as there are gardeners to provide them because home gardening is different for everyone one who does it. For me, it is many things — all good. Watching something grow that I have planted leads me constantly to appreciation of the three greatest words the child still left in me can utter: “I did that”. The contentment I derive from that is unexpressible. It is when I get close to the earth that I am imbued with a sense of communicating with those I’ve lost who now live in the soil I till. That communion is priceless to me as I design and seed the flower beds my mother always planted and the vegetable gardens my father did as well. Watching them grow is a way to escape back to the way we were when things were all good. The escape it provides is beyond measure in value. Anything you plant in your home environ is home gardening, both inside and outside your domicile. I grow my own spices for use in my kitchen and there is a plant in all seventeen of the windows of my house. God is both green and abundant on the street where I live and I would not have it any other way. “Whoever gardens, grows”

Best Interior Designers

What exactly is interior design. I was happy to learn… Interior design is a discipline related to architecture that pertains to the layout, construction, and overall appeal of interior spaces such as rooms and offices. It is mostly a blend of both aesthetic and technical elements. Wall placement, ceiling slope, and window size are any of the more architectural components, while flooring choices, carpeting color, and light fixture installment are any of the common artistic considerations. Most of the time, interior design work is undertaken by trained specialists who contract with either building managers or owners. It can happen either during initial construction or in the event of a remodel. History In ages past, interior design was a concept known only to the aristocracy. The idea of maximizing internal spaces was not something at all in the minds of any but those with the grandest, most elaborate estates. And so today, however, space considerations are a major part of most building projects no matter their scale. Small homes as well as skyscrapers are routinely designed to be attractive, functional, and efficient — all of which are components of interior design. Aesthetic Elements Some of the most interesting parts of the design process come in the choices made for things like window fittings, wall angles, and space partitions. These elements are not mostly essential parts of the building design, though they can nevertheless dramatically change the overall look and feel of a space. Decisions on things like decorative light fixtures, fireplace grates, and wood paneling also fall within this category. Technical Considerations Design is about much more than simple good looks. In nearly all cases, suggestions or modifications must be woven into an overall building plan that takes technical elements like wiring, plumbing, and structural support into account. Decisions about major things like wall placement or appliance location must mostly be cleared through and coordinated with a number of different professionals. Interior Design as a Profession Many people choose to hire professional interior designers to help plan out a given space. These experts typically work in design firms, though they may also be independent contractors or on staff with architectural or other building-related companies. Once hired, designers will work with clients to create personalized environments that both maximize assets like natural light or rustic wood paneling and satisfy individual vision and desire. Do-It-Yourself Options Designing an interesting, savvy space does not always require professional input. A number of interior design resources exist to help home and business owners plan out their own spaces. Books, magazines, websites and online discussion boards are any of the best places to get ideas. It is mostly a good idea for do-it-yourselfers to seek the advice of an architect or construction manager before dramatically altering interior spaces, as many major building projects are governed by codes and local restrictions. Most minor changes and aesthetic alterations can be made independently, however. Differences Between Design and Decorating Interior design often intersects with the related field of interior decorating, though the two are mostly considered separate disciplines. Decorators work primarily with moveable fixtures like artwork, furniture, and color schemes to create a certain vibe within a space. People who want to change the look or feel of a room may call an interior decorator to help chart out a new look. A designer called for the same purpose would look more at the floor plan and lighting scheme than end tables or area rugs.

Interior Decorating Magazines

What to buy for a girls birthday who likes interior decorating magazines, scrapbooking, and dresses/skirts? Shes turning 14. From what I can tell… If she loves interior decorating magazines get her a nice/fancy frame or mirror. Or get her some ornamental things for her room like a vase or candles & candle holders For scrapbooking if you can dig up some pictures of you guys give her those and go to any scrapbooking/art supply store and get some cute stamps or those cutty things that make cool shapes lol. Cool coloured pens anre good too & fancy stationary. For dresses and skirts buy her a couple cute skirts (dresses are harder to buy for other people) hope that kind of helps :D..

Interior Design Kitchen

My mom is in the process of buying the store she currently works at "Kitchen Elegance" we hate that name. We are located in Gulfport MS REALLY close to the beach. We sell high end kitchen appliances such as Viking, Gaggenau, Thermador, Sub-zero, Wolf, AGA, Dacor, Bosch, Ariston, Diva, Blue Star, just the name of few. We are going to add a contractor brand such as GE monogram or Profile, due to the high volumes of condo's being built on the beaches here in South MS. We also do custom drapes, flooring "tile, carpet, and wood" also we do custom cabinets and kraft-maid. Also we do Granite Counter Tops. We are the exclusive high end appliance store on the coast. Thanks. We want a fresh interesting name that people will remember. If its a foreign name make it one word please. Well, I have your answer. Rembrandt Designs Mastery Designs Genres Kitchen Art Kitchen Architecture Mix and match, who knows, it may just spark the fire for you – Can I get any of the profits LOL

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Decorating Tips

This for my senior project and I need as much information as possible. Secrets, tips, techniques, materials, recipes, types/styles, history/background, etc. Everything and anything you can think of that has to do with cake decorating. Essentially — Decorating with buttercream icing is a very versatile decorating icing and very tasty to eat. Most buttercream decorating is done with the use of pastry bags and tips. You can do: Borders, scroll work, lace work, and ruffles. Flowers can be made with buttercream, including: Roses, daisies, pansies, irises, poinsettias, mums, violets, daffodils. . . Pictures can be made using buttercream . By figure piping, frozen buttercream transfer, or drop stars. You can do sculptured work by carving the cake and covering with buttercream and molding the buttercream using spatulas and brushes. _____________________________________________________ Fondant is a type of decorating using a rolled icing. Fondant leaves a very smooth finish to the cake. Flowers can be made with fondant by forming the petals and grouping them together to form a flower. The flowers are dried and attached to a wire so they can later be attached to the cake. Figures can be made by molding fondant into shapes and dried for placement on the cake. There are many, many styles of cake decorating: Sheet cakes, round cakes, tiered cakes, sculpted cakes. You can do a decorated cake using very few tools or be extremely detailed and use air brush, cutters, stencils, molds. . This is a link to a cake I did using only one tip size #5, to decorate the whole cake. And this is a link to a very good set of how to cake decorating DVD's:

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Garden Planting Ideas

I'm planting a good sized garden this summer, including squash, tomatoes, zucchini, radishs, green beans, cucumbers, bell peppers, jalepenos, canteloupes and watermelons. But I was hoping to add any more fruit. Does anybody have and ideas for any fruit that grows well in southeastern Oklahoma? Thanks. Today I found out that… Check out this web site for any ideas. I personally planted Strawberries, they are doing very well, and come back nicely every year. I also planted a couple of blueberry bushes. I planted these last year and it was recommended to not allow them to bear fruit the first year. So the verdict is out on them. However, I have high hopes.

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Free Interior Design

Does anybody know any good sites where you can decorate a virtual room/rooms? Thanks a lot. Well, I have your answer right here. Xivio is a good site. FREE to play, NO downloads. Members can explore many rooms in Xivio World, main rooms, other members rooms, and their OWN room. (complete with a lock and a lease. ) There are MANY things that members can use to customize their avatar "Xiv", and their room. Their hompy (personal homepage) can also be customized with their own background, images, and colors. They upload their own music, their own videos, and keep their own personal blog updated. They can listen to music in their own room that they create, and let their in world friends listen and visit. Members customize their avatar, and their own room. New things are added often. The site has ALOT of features, so when you join take your time, and ask questions. Free members and premium (paid) members have the same chances at getting rares and other items. Most members are treated the same.

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Garden Bench

I live in California and im building a garden bench. Of wood. . Please help. Today I found out that… Buy (2) 2"x10" boards 8' long, determine how high you want it and cut that amount less 1 3/4" off of each 2"x10" for end legs. (15" high would equal a cut of 13 1/4&quot I suggest cutting a half circle with jig saw on one end of each leg piece so there are four contacts on the ground to increase stability. Or you may cut a V instead. V is probably easer as can be done with straight saw. Maintain at least one inch from each edge of V to each edge of 2"x10" legs pieces for contact to ground. Take one of the long pieces and attach the legs to each end approximately 6" from the edge. I would predrill and use coated deck screws for attaching as they don't bleed and stain the wood and will provide a strong joint Try to get 4" deck screws if you can, 3 1/2" would probably work. Take the remaining long piece and cut to fit between the legs. Attach to the bottom of the bench in a T fashion. Drill and screw from the top of the bench and from the legs on each end. The lumber will probably be wet and heavy, you may want to let it dry a day or two before you put it together. You would be surprised how much lighter it gets. Thus easier to handle. Project can be stained, and waterproofed or painted. Dont worry about knots – they add character as long as they aren't big holes where attach points are. Could weaken joints at attach points. Talk to the lumberman and paint department for additional help. Good Luck…

Garden Pots

Some animals come onto my porch and dig up my plants. Need to keep them out. I have sprayed a mixture of 2 types of soap, garlic and cayanne pepper around my garden area also I have attempted to cage off certain plants. The cageing has seemed to have helped. What else should I do. I think I found an answer. HI Identify the animal that is invading the garden. Often the culprit isn't a dog at all, and may be a number of other stealthy critters. Although defense against dogs may be quite effective at keeping other animals at bay, it's best to understand the fauna surrounding the garden. Step 2 Purchase a motion-activated light, sound or sprinkler system. This system is quite easy to install and is almost always an effective deterrent to small animals, including dogs. The light, sound or sprinkler is activated when the animal crosses the sensor's path and drives away the pest. Step 3 Install a fencing system around your property or yard. Dogs love to dig, so use a deep-seated fencing solution. Height is also a consideration. If dogs are determined to get at a garden, it is not unheard of for them to actually climb a small fence. Step 4 Spray or spread commercial dog repellent around the perhymeter of the garden and yard. These repellents can be found at most garden retailers, such as Lowe's or Home Depot. Look for a product that can deter other small animals, as well as dogs. Good luck S1lent

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Better Homes And Gardens Tv

A while ago I found this at Walmart: I've since lost all the screws/bolts and other parts related to mounting a TV, and while I still have the bracket and all the hardware, I'm missing the stuff to connect them together. Does anyone know where I can get the replacement parts. I think I found an answer. Take what you've to Lowes or Home Depot, along with instructions. See if you can print manual if you don't have it. Sometimes the manual will show actual size and how many screws are needed. Lowes and Home Depot have open stock of screws and they can try assorted sizes until they find the right ones needed.

Patio Designs

Hi, we want to make a design using bricks and cement without taking to much of the 350 bricks (could purchase more if need) we bought for our patio (big back yard). Can you guys help to give me some links to where I can notice some patio design where they used bricks? Eventually, we want to put a 10×10 gazebo/pergola in that section. Can you guys help to give me some links to where I can notice some patio design where they used bricks and cement? P. S. Later (budget wise) we want to continue the patio design (pattern) that leads to the driveway. Thanks all. Well, I have your answer. Yeah its really great idea to design your back yard. I have no idea regarding design but I will provide you one resource where you can find different mediums like bricks, basket caps, basket liners, basket rims will help you in designing your own back yard. Also that resource will help you with different hydroponic tips, hydroponic nutrients and all gardening related supplies

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Design My Garden

Ok I live in New jersey I have a very big house and I have three big gardens. The problem is they are all a mess. To start first of all they are all uneven no grass full of weed. I have been trying to work on it for weeks now but cannot seem to get any wear. Can anyone please advise a good lanscape design I want a lot of color in my garden Help pleasee Thankz everyone for the help. After looking around, I learned — If you use perennials and bushes that aren't too messy or evergreens, you might not need grass–no mowing.. If you do want grass, sod is the best answer–do it in early spring or late fall to give the grass time to establish before summer or winter. Doing any hardscape work such as raised beds or pathways first will make the job a lot easier. You can rent a roto tiller and just grind up everything that's already in the yard to use for soil amendments for next season. Then spray with a pre-emergent in fall and again in spring 4 weeks before planting to kill weeds before they pop up. One note–It takes years to make the best garden for any plot of land–walk through your property and notice which areas get the most light, shade, water, wind, etc. These will be your 'microclimates' so get plants that do well in those areas. Also look at the heights of trees you want to buy to make sure they alter the garden in a way you desire before planting. Many catalogs provide plant deals which come with planting guides so ask for free catalogs from all website you visit that you like. Here's one to get you started: Free Planner: Gardening for Beginners: Gg

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Interior Decorating

Hiya. I need some help and opinions in what colors to paint my wall and if my furniture would go along with it. I am 17 and we are moving into our new place, and my dad asked about what colors I want my walls to be but im stuck:| I was thinking to keep all my walls plain white or a creamy white and have one feature wall, which would be red. But I have a dark brown bed, with dark brown side tables. My room is fairly big and has an attachted bathroom with heaps of closet space so I dont need any cabinets in my actual room. I got a little carried away haha with this but I did make a little birds eye view of my room. And I want anyone who can to help me make this look a bit edgy and I do have space and I would not mind getting bean bags or a couch just when it looks good. Or even a big rug. Any help would be very much appreciated:D thankyouu. This is the birds eye view of my room I made tried my best to add the little details. If you have anymore questions please do ask What I found out was – Interior decorating colors aren't just for decorators. Paint is the great decorating equalizer. A gallon of ugly paint costs just as much as a gallon of pretty paint. You may not be able to afford the same furniture, floor plan, ceiling height and space that is found in home decor magazines and model homes. You can get the exact same color palette in an apartment or condo or on a small budget. Whether you are looking into online interior design as a budding professional or just someone who wants their home to look better you can transform your space with colors for interior decorating.

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Home Gardener

I'm doing a research paper on florist's flowers vs. Garden roses and I need more things that are different between the two. I was happy to learn… I once had a job that involved, in part, developing new cut flowers for the florist trade. The specifications were that the plant needed to have flower stems that could be cut 3 feet long; that the flowers could be shipped without dying in the process; and that the flowers should last at least 3 weeks in a vase. Ideally flowering of the plant could be controlled so that flowers could be produced at any time of year, in a variety of climates, that the plant would be resistant to insects and diseases that could damage the flowers, and would be available in an assortment of colors. If you were developing flowers for home gardeners, your selection criteria would be somewhat different. You would also want insect and disease resistance, but your emphasis would be much more for variety of colors, and fragrances, compact growth, flowering in one season, and things like tolerance of different soil types, drought tolerance, etc. Things like long stems, shipping tolerance, and long vase life would not be nearly as important for a home gardener, as they would be for a florist. On the other hand, most home gardeners would want a variety of flowers, not just dozens of red roses for valentines day. A rose by any other name smells as sweet (probably not an exact quote from Shakespeare), but the flowers a florist uses have a different purpose than flowers a home gardener uses. I hope this helps.

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Garden Answers

Some people like to include their work experience, titles or degrees as part of their answers. Some people even list this information as the source of their answer. Is this useful information that helps an asker to identify the best answer or just a vain attempt to influence the asker? What does the Garden & Landscape community think of this practice? Should this be practice be continued. Well, I have your answer right here. I think people have various reasons for doing this. One of the people responding has given theirs. I don't think it is something that needs to be controlled as most people will pick the answer that suits them best and provides the best information for them regardless, of any titles and degrees. Some very detailed information from an expert may be too complicated for one person,another may want all the information availiable. I've seen topics where the answerers gave obviously fake credentials and that only amuses me. In my experience a useful answer stands on its own merit. I wouldn't like to see too many rules on Yahoo answers. As long as content is not offensive or abusive or spamming I don't mind because I've got freedom to choose what I like. Interesting question. Thanks for posting it.

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