Ive finally decided that I want to go back to school after having my now 2 year old baby. I want to study interior design but im not sure if it exactly promising I dont want to waste my time. Any help. Well, I have your answer right here. Interior design can be fun & of course stressful but not always promising. Its kind of a make or break thing. You have to start from scratch & build up a portfolio. The biggest thing is you may be the cheapest but don't have a portfolio & good reviews the person in need of the interior work will call on Suzy over here who charges $100 more but had excellent reviews & good portfolio of work. Honestly nothing is promising in the job field today. Just last week my good friends husband's company of 22 years up & shut down. My cousin went to college for 6 years trying to make it big in the music industry worked for this awesome company for a while. Made it to the top & then they laid her off. Interior design is what I want to do but nothing is promising, Schooling is expensive. . You have to ask your self is it worth it? You can make good money from interior design, the thing is in this economy people aren't spending the money hiring home cleaners, interior designers & just eating out in general. I wish you the best of luck though & God bless you.

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