Do you guys think the big shots of the oil industry will allow themselves to lose their billions to a better option that can help the ecosystem and the economy . Essentially — Fuel cells to power vehicles is quite new. And so today there are about 300 new buses powered by fuel cells. In five years there is expected to be 4000. This year Walmart has purchased 600 fork lift trucks powered by fuel cells and expect the payback to be less than three years. By 2015 it is estimated 5000 taxicabs powered by fuel cells will be operating in the US. By 2015 both Toyota and Nissan will be offering cars powered by Fuel cells. And so today there are about 65 service locations in the US offering hydrogen to refuel the fuel cells. By 2015 there is planned to be over 2000 stations. The range of a car powered by fuel cells can be easily 400 miles. By 2015 all major Walmart centers, Coco Cola bottling plants will be receiving all their electricity from fuel cell generators on their property. Presently Amazon, EBay, university of Tennessee, are generating enough electricity for their corporate use to power a small city. It is estimated that by 2018 commercial fuel cells in the US will be generating enough electricity to power New York City. By 2020 ninety per cent of all taxi cabs in New York City will be powered by fuel cells.

Toyota brought us out to CES 2014 so that we could see what they're up to in fuel cell technology. To our general pleasure, we found that fuel cells aren't j. . .

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