I just started landscaping design for my first client. I live in Silicon Valley, CA. I charge $35 per hour to my client. My friend who is a also landscaping designer, charges $85-120 per hour after 1 year experience. I am wondering how much would you pay for your garden design? I know it depends on how much you make money and how big your garden is. Please advise. Essentially — landscape is a hard job so you can call around and see what everyone else is charging. Dont feel bad for asking for what you are worth. Landscaping is a hard job and so are some of the customers. You will find out that some want to have things changed in the middle of a project that should be extra for all the extra time and additional plants or if you have to cancel an order. Best of luck. Good studing

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  1. Experience is sometimes the gauge of how much you charge,, anyway take your time in developing every project the more satisfied client the more will ask for your service,, words of your good talent will propel you in success,, then you can uplift your talent fee— like a branded jeans highly priced— good luck,, enjoy what your doing,, in your time success will come

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