They had a advertisement about their smart grid technology at the super bowl. They have their advertisements on you tube. Why are they advertising to people who I don't think can place their dollar vote on such technologies. Well, I have your answer right here. To gain Govt. Bailout Money when they fail. They are planting seeds that they are a must keep company–My Broker tried to get me to buy them when they fell below 50, then 40, then 30. . Now that GE is under 10, that Broker does not call anymore but I have been calling him asking if it is now OK to buy GE since he has wanted me to buy it for the past 40 dollars per share–he does not answer that question. As with most brokers, he has no clue what drives a market. I have been trading more years than he has been alive and know what all markets know–Socialism kills Capitalism—the bloodletting is not over.

GTC: Bringing graphics-rich virtual desktops and applications to public clouds, the VMware Horizon DaaS platform with NVIDIA GRID technology was introduced b. . .

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