I’m from the UK but I watch Fox News sometimes just for a laugh. But anyway my question is, in between of the Bush-cheerleading, there are always loads of reports about new health and medical related technologies. There’s nothing wrong with that, but there seems to be a report mostly all 10 minutes about some new thing that can stop obesity or heart attacks or whatev. It seems a bit obsessive. What is the reason for it. After speaking to others on the web, I found the answer. Healthcare technology requires experhymentation on people. Past records of people’s health were, always miss stored or lost. Medical Doctors do not really prevent disease some are at the other end, even drugs that lead to luthanasia. Even some that donoate a customers organs, to keep them in the hospital to make them pay bills. Even leaving the patient infront of the clinic, to suing the patient for car, house, or entire retirement fund. Never go to a clinic or hospital, without a health plan. Some might say you had a history therefore the plan is void. . . Other cases, where the patient is forced to go homeless; this happens really often. If you search these hospitals, and homeless shelters. . Most were non-drug patients, non-criminals but forced to become homeless by some relative or claimed friend.

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