. Well, I have your answer right here. “Old men work in gardens to keep from going to seed” Now that I’ve introduced myself, lets get down to defining your answer. You will probably get as many and as varied answers as there are gardeners to provide them because home gardening is different for everyone one who does it. For me, it is many things — all good. Watching something grow that I have planted leads me constantly to appreciation of the three greatest words the child still left in me can utter: “I did that”. The contentment I derive from that is unexpressible. It is when I get close to the earth that I am imbued with a sense of communicating with those I’ve lost who now live in the soil I till. That communion is priceless to me as I design and seed the flower beds my mother always planted and the vegetable gardens my father did as well. Watching them grow is a way to escape back to the way we were when things were all good. The escape it provides is beyond measure in value. Anything you plant in your home environ is home gardening, both inside and outside your domicile. I grow my own spices for use in my kitchen and there is a plant in all seventeen of the windows of my house. God is both green and abundant on the street where I live and I would not have it any other way. “Whoever gardens, grows”

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  1. Simply, when you grow your own garden at your home. It mostly refers to vegetable and fruit gardening but can also include growing landscape or ornamental plants.

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