Hey is there anyone who can give a little insight on FDA. I am planning to do my masters in sept 2014 and I want to know how are the job options for passouts, how much they make and how is the life there for indians. I am really in need for some help regarding the admission process as well. Thanks in advance to all those who will take trouble answering my questions. From what I can tell… Interior designers are a glut on the market. Are you creative? Do you have good taste? How well do you draw so you can illustrate your design ideas? Do you have your portfolio prepared for your application for admission? And no, you will not work in Italy, or anywhere in EU or elsewhere in Europe as an interior decorator. Not qualified for any employment visa, and nowhere near enough jobs for citizens. In fact, practically all end up self-employed, which means there is nobody to apply for your visa. You will go home, so what's the market for interior decorators in your country? Of course, at least in your country of citizenship, you can invest the money required to start your own business without any visa required.

BoConceptHQHowtoBoConcept Interior Decoration Service2011-10-21T06:37:22. 000Z2014-01-19T15:39:06. 000ZInterior Decoration Sobha Althea Yelahanka BangaloreThis is a project we have taken up in Sobha Althea and this apartment happens to be on the ground floor with private garden. The project type is a full house. . .

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