24 Comments on Shocking Internet Marketing Scams I Just Found!!!

  1. These guys just stole my image to sell their product and I am NOT endorsing
    or recommending their product in ANY way!

  2. I will so share this with my facebook and my community at wealth
    affiliate’s as well . I new to this world and Im learning so much from you
    and I try to keep up .Ill keep taking baby steps and to doing business
    like a good monkey. I so dont want to fall in the wrong hands . So from the
    bottom of my heart thank you so much for sharing all your wisdom to other
    and especial simple minded people like me. (not saying tht in a bad way )
    We need more true business men like your self . That are bold and truth no
    matter how pain full it maybe be you want sugar coat one bet of it.

  3. Does anyone know about a product called “video product pro”? I’m thinking
    about buying it but I don’t know if it any good. Here is the link to the
    product http://www.digitalproductpro.co If anyone has experience with it
    please give me your feedback, thanks! 

  4. I hate sales funnels. I purchased a program that was supposed to help
    market my Youtube videos and on the page after paying I got a load of shit
    saying that the product I had just purchased was pretty much useless
    without me upgrading to the ‘pro’ version at an increased price. I felt
    that the pro version was what I should have been offered in the first place
    and requested a refund noting that this was pretty sneaky. The Email was
    ignored, I didn’t get a refund, I didn’t bother using the software and now
    I don’t trust the person that sent me the link and have him blocked!

  5. Scammed by an Indian! The ONLY THING indians can do is take over what
    others have created. They are the laziest bastards on earth. They just grab
    and take what others have created. Call USCIS and demand the loser be
    deported back that hellhole India.

  6. Its prob some guy in india or china and well suing them is kinda useless,
    especially china since there actually isnt copyright laws in china. Thats
    why they can make fake iphones and use pirated ver of windows and no one
    can do jack shit.

  7. If I recall correctly, this isn’t the first time someone has stolen your
    identity. Perhaps I’m misremembering. Just for fun, I’m going to finish
    this comment from my business account.

  8. I’ve gotten E-mails from this guy.I thought he was popular,real deal,
    professional marketer.I guess I thought wrong.Lucky I never bought anything
    from him.

  9. Kinghuman, I do computer security for a living. Please check and make sure
    this idiot has not hacked your systems and got a hold of any of your
    information.it would just make it easier for him to pose as you. It doesn’t
    seem likely since he appears to be using only things that can be found in a
    wild,or public but it is still safer to check. go get him, man!

  10. Hey, KH. I love your channel. It helps us all stay grounded in reality.
    I was curious if you had any exposure to or opinions about Anik Singal’s
    ‘Profit Academy’? Sorry this is off topic, I didn’t see a ‘general’
    questions section. Hope you have time to respond. Thanks,

  11. Guess I’m going to start scamming since King Human NEVER shows you any
    methods. All he does is brag and promotes products

  12. Kinghuman, I want to thank you for teaching me the best way to shoot craps.
    Put it on the don’t pass line. and take the odds. It takes awhile but the
    winnings add up. I’m headed to Vegas in May 2015 and I plan on winning
    again. So thank you.

  13. I’ve seen videos with you relating to ipas? I couldn’t find how you were
    connected. I figured eventually you were not. I’d be ticked too

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