What were any of the inventions of the Israelites? There technology? Inventions of ANCIENT Israelites, Hebrews. From what I can tell… No significant technological inventions. But the moral code they had invented (derived from their religion) became the basis of many different societies around the globe. Surprisingly enough, many of those societies became very comfortable places for rapid technological growth from 8th to 10th century (Muslim societies) and then continued from 10th to 21st centuries (Christian societies). Jews and recent converts from Judaism had made major contributions to the technological progress of those two civilizations. Conclusion: Hebrew civilization had no direct impact on technological progress, but indispensable nevertheless. ADDED: In the time of ancient Hebrew kingdoms Babylonians and Greeks were major inventors in the field of technology in the West (Chinese made their own progress in the East). But both inventing civilizations were swamped very early by their moral code and religious traditions. Babylonians went into fatalism and mysticism and technology is a boring subject for mystics. Greeks considered it very denigrating for a free person to do something by hands and free Greeks had no incentive to make work easier. Any problems with production were always solved by assigning more slaves to do the work.

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  1. They didn't "invent" anything; and their technology was no better or worse than that of the other peoples in the region.

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